James Webb To Detect Artificial Lights On Proxima B

The Existence of Alien Life

Should we believe in the existence of aliens? Since the creation of mankind, this has been one of the greatest mysteries. Humans have long questioned the existence of alien life. Where do they live, if they exist at all? What would they look like? Are they attempting to communicate with us in the same way that we are attempting to communicate with them? These are some of the questions that constantly strike our minds. Some people in the world believe that life can only exist on Earth and argue that aliens really wouldn’t exist. But we space enthusiasts are simply waiting for the day when humanity will be able to decipher the first alien signal or the day when a space agency will publicly recognize the existence of aliens.
Scientists are spending billions and billions of dollars to answer these questions. Luck hasn’t been on our side despite lots of attempts and research. But everything is about to change thanks to the newest space observatory. The riddle of the unidentified artificial lights on Proxima B may finally be solved by the James Webb space telescope. The James Webb space telescope, an engineering marvel and an exhibition work of craftsmanship, is about to change everything. What will James Webb see when it focuses on the exoplanet? How will our perception of the universe alter as a result of the discovery? Watch the video with bated breath because things are about to become serious.
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