Why it’s Hard to Lose Weight—and Why most Diets Fail

why its hardDiets come, and diets go—but one saying seems to persist: Weight loss depends on calories in versus calories out. According to Dr. Laura Lefkowitz—who transitioned to nutritional science after she split her pants while doing a routine check-up on a patient and realized that before she could preach health, she needed to be healthy herself—it’s not always that simple. After using herself as a guinea pig in the early days of her practice, Lefkowitz (who did this Q&A with us about hormones, weight gain, and infertility due to PCOS) has coached legions over the years to effective and long-term weight loss, from the genetically blessed (supermodels), to those who are suffering debilitating effects from poor diet. Ultimately, it’s slightly more complicated than a basic math equation, but not intimidatingly so—Lefkowitz breaks it all down below.

From our very good friends over at sciencealert.com

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